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Ovech Fortress,Bulgaria

Ovech is a medieval fortress, located east of Provadia,town in North Bulgaria. 53 km west of Varna and 410km east of Sofia.

The fortress was built by the Byzantines and operated from the 4th century until the beginning of the 7th century, then almost a century is not active. Its occupation resumed from the 11th century and ended in the end of the 17th century.A Thracian presence was proved before the founding of the fortress. However, the greatest prosperity took place during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The fortress has three entrances. The eastern access way has been preserved in its original form with stairs carved into the rock. It is convenient for visitors who have their own means of transportation.

There is an incredible view of the town of Provadia and the surrounding area.

The fortress is open all year.Information materials and souvenirs are sold on site.Entrance ticket is around €2,no shops on the site,so bring water if you visit it in the summer. In Bulgaria summer weather is so hot ,up to 35°-37° C in August.

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